Initial Visits

New massage therapy patients, please book an initial visit to ensure an appropriate amount of time for your therapist to perform an assessment, and to develop a plan to support your treatment goals.

75 Minutes | $90

Returning patients

Returning patients, please book a treatment or follow up appointment for your preferred duration of allotted time.

Treatment appointments

Recommended for regular and/or recurring visits, new injuries and/or heath concerns.

75 Minutes | $90

Treatment follow-up appointments

Recommended for follow-up visits, symptom management for chronic conditions, and/or flare-ups.

45 Minutes | $45

Preventative Care

If you have no injuries or health concerns, preventative care options are also available.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release treatment are a full length, and proactive massage therapy approach. Deeper, and longer sustained broad pressure techniques are used to target ones soft tissues, which can inhibit our range of motion and flexibility.

75 Minutes | $90

Manual Stretch Therapy
Manual stretch treatment targets the upper or lower body regions respectively. They help to release muscular tension, and pressure on joints that result from sustained positions and movement behaviors.

45 Minutes | $45


Pre-Authorized Tx Plans
Pre-authorized treatment plans are available at a reduced rate per massage treatment, more information about our plans can be found here.

75 Minutes | Reduced Fee