*Last updated January 1, 2021

**All prices include GST

Massage Therapy Treatment

Recommended for regular and/or recurring visits, new injuries and/or heath concerns.

75 Minutes | $90

Massage Therapy Follow-up

Recommended for follow-up visits, symptom management for chronic conditions, and/or flare-ups.

45 Minutes | $45

Pre-Authorized Tx Plan

Pre-authorized treatment plans are available at a reduced rate per massage treatment.

75 Minutes | $80

How it works

With pre-authorized plans a reduced fee will automatically be charged to a credit card you leave on file, and only for the length of your plan. They are available for three (3), six (6), and twelve (12) massage treatments at a time.

An agreement will need to be signed between you and I in person, and with an agreed upon payment schedule. The receipt you receive after your massage treatment will still have all the information on it that you need to be able to claim it on your health benefits.

For example…

A plan that has twelve (12) massage treatments can be used once a month or as needed until the plan is finished. The charges show up as a credit on your account, and you’re provided a receipt to submit to your benefits plan after your visit.

Once the plan is over you can always set up a new plan again, you just have to sign a new agreement.

Direct billing is not available for the pre-authorized plan options.

You can cancel your plan at anytime.