Gift Certificates

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How do they work?

A Holiday gift certificate is essentially, when someone other than yourself covers the cost of the fee, which is billed to you after a massage therapy appointment.

A person who purchased the gift certificate did not receive any massage therapy, so in this instance, they would get a receipt that shows a payment transaction took place, with no massage therapy having been provided.

When the person who was gifted the certificate comes in to redeem it, they’re also provided a receipt for their transaction as well, it would show that massage therapy has been provided, stating the certificate had been redeemed, with a charge of zero ($0) dollars owing.

Only people who receive massage therapy directly, are given receipts that show it as provided.

The person who bought the certificate cannot claim it with their health benefits, because they did not physically receive any massage therapy. The person who redeems the certificate cannot claim it with their health benefits, because no direct transaction involving money took place.

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Can I get a Refund?

The only person who can receive a refund for a gift certificate is the person who originally purchased it. This is why we need the purchasers first and last name, along with an email address to complete the transaction, and to make sure the correct receipt goes to the correct person.

There is no expiry date for a refund.

The way the receipts are provided cannot be changed or augmented to reflect a different persons name, or impose a cost that did not originally exist, doing so would be unethical and fraudulent.

We ask all those who purchase a gift certificate within the clinic to review the information above prior to purchasing one.

Please contact the office if you have any questions.


What about my health spending account? Can I use that to get reimbursed?

We have no way of knowing how your health spending account works or is administered, it’s best to take that up with the people who are in charge of that. The receipts will still be the same as outlined above.

Can I purchase the gift certificates online?

Nope! Besides, each gift certificate is fabulously designed and unique! And we love decorating and crafting neat things for people to enjoy, don’t take that away from us.

I bought gift certificates online with you last year, why not this year?

That’s impossible, we’ve never created gift certificates before, this is our first time.

What payment options are available?

Cash, debit, visa or M/C.

I used my benefits to get reimbursed for some gift certificates I bought somewhere else last year, why can’t I do that with you?

That’s nice, please read the above information once again, and continue reading until it makes sense, rest assured, the answers are in there.

If I purchased the gift certificate for someone, can I ask when they got the massage, or if they enjoyed it?

Unless the person has provided our clinic written consent, that it’s okay to speak with you about they’re personal health information, we cannot share any details about them. That includes whether or not they’ve redeemed their gift certificate. If any unused funds are remaining before the end of the next calendar year, the original purchaser may be contacted to ask if the funds should be kept as is, or refunded back to them.

How many gift certificates am I allowed to purchase?

Holiday gift certificates are limited, only thirty (30) of them have been printed for the 2022 calendar year. They’re first come first serve, but ultimately it’s up to our staff to manage them.